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it's time for the world's leading quantum scientists to be supported

Scientists have been battling headwinds. It's unacceptable that brilliant scientists with commercial ideas have been left to flounder for decades, leaving world-changing quantum innovations and trillions in economic value on the table. A lack of experienced commercial support for these scientists results in slow growth, insufficient investment and the hindering of scientific progress.

There's been a shortage of specialist investors. Most investors are outside of the closed communities of elite scientists. It can be hard to know where to invest or how to provide the long term support needed to get a return for the benefit of humanity.

How QDNL Participations can help

The QDNL Participations €15M fund provides the bridge between the grant-giving phase of quantum research and the 'patient capital' phase of venture investment.

We provide impactful business and commercial support to transform potentially great technical ideas into obviously great investable companies, helping brilliant technical minds organise leading talent to bring their ideas into the world for the benefit of humanity.

We've invested in some of the world's most groundbreaking quantum businesses:

Who it's for


before a company is incorporated

We help founders with ideas but no company yet, who want to know if it's worth building the company and need to learn how to remove early barriers to formation and investment.

Our fund removes the worries and knowledge gaps in making the leap and increases the financial and leadership confidence needed to become successful.

This avoids the inertia that stops talented researchers from seeking that first, objective commercial conversation.


when a company is incorporated and receives grants for its research

We help founders with existing early-stage companies who want to raise institutional money and organise their business for growth. Our fund removes the common risks investors will inevitably find in early stage, grant-funded and research-led organisations, and increases the governance, stability and invest-ability of the company.

Our work helps founders raise capital so that technical roadmap deadlines can be met and the company can continue its research.

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How it works

Our specialist fund sits within a community of hard-to-reach, expert quantum talent. We help early stage scientist founders who want to become investable.

We know how to remove risks for investors, bring their idea to market and organise a stable team and investment plan.

We remove the knowledge gaps technical leaders struggle with and increase the financial and leadership confidence needed to build a business, making sure that talented researchers don't struggle alone with unvalidated early ideas or grant-dependent small businesses failing to attract venture investment.

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The Infinity Network

Shapers of the future of quantum

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Q*Bird raises €2.5M to secure businesses against cyber threats and future quantum attacks

Communications security startup Q*Bird has raised a €2.5 million round to accelerate its growth in the emerging quantum security market.


QphoX welcomes €8M, the largest investment in a quantum company in the Netherlands to date

Dutch quantum startup, QphoX, secures €8 million funding to bring its quantum modem technology to market, marking a significant step towards quantum internet reality.


QuantaMap announced it had secured €1.4mn in funding for its quality assurance tech for the production of quantum computer chips

Dutch startup QuantaMap is using a combination of cryogenics and quantum sensors for quality assurance

The Quantum Insider

QDNL Participations and Cottonwood Technology Fund invest €1.5M in Orange Quantum Systems

Orange Quantum Systems raises €1.5 million in pre-seed round


QDNL Participations launches €15m fund

Dutch quantum-focused investor QDNL Participations is announcing the close of a €15m fund dedicated to helping university quantum spinouts scale.


QDNL Participations launches €15 million early-stage Dutch quantum fund

Backed by Quantum Delta NL, QDNL Participations has launched a €15 million fund to support early-stage quantum technology startups in the Netherlands.

Tech Funding News

A new €15M fund announced to back disruptive Dutch quantum tech startups in 2023

Despite having only 17 million people, the Netherlands is ranked third in scientific citations in quantum research and has the highest number of quantum-related startups per capita. Consequently, Delft-based Quantum Delta NL, the public-private foundation has announced a new fund – QDNL Participations that will invest €15 million into early-stage Dutch quantum technology startups in the coming years.

De Ondernemer

Er is een nieuw 15 miljoen euro fonds om het bloeiende ecosysteem van quantum technologie-onderzoek in Nederland om te zetten in succesvolle startups gelanceerd

Het zogeheten QDNL Participations fonds biedt impactvolle zakelijke en commerciële ondersteuning om potentieel kansrijke ideeën om te zetten in succesvolle bedrijven.

Silicon Canals

Quantumania in Netherlands: New €15M fund launched to turn Dutch quantum tech research into VC-investable startups

The €15M QDNL Participations fund, being launched today, aims to circumvent that challenge for early-stage quantum tech startups in the country.


New €15M fund for early-stage quantum startups launches in the Netherlands

Towards bridging the gap between quantum research and commercialisation.


June 28, 2024

QDNL Participations portfolio company Qblox secures $26 million Series A round

The largest ever Dutch quantum tech funding round

May 28, 2024

Q*Bird raises €2.5M to secure businesses against cyber threats and future quantum attacks

Q*Bird raises €2.5 million to accelerate growth of its ‘Falqon®’ quantum security technology

January 17, 2024

QphoX raises €8m to bring quantum modem technology to market, building towards the quantum internet

QphoX raises €8m to bring quantum modem technology to market, building towards the quantum internet

December 6, 2023

QuantaMap secures €1.4 million in funding to solve a major roadblock in the quantum revolution

QuantaMap secures €1.4 million in funding to solve a major roadblock in the quantum revolution